About ARC Engineering



With headquarters located in Monrovia, CaliforniaARC Engineering (a GNB corporation) is a structural and civil engineering and research firm that offers professional engineering services, construction management and expert consultation to clients located in the Greater Los Angeles area, Southern California and all around the world. ARC Engineering is a DBE/SBE certified company.

Founded in 1996, ARC Engineering is led by our principal, Dr. Gagan Bains. Dr. Bains is a licensed structural and civil engineer with a passion for engineering excellence. That passion is echoed by our staff.

At ARC Engineering, we believe that each of our clients deserve superior engineering to support and compliment their design. Our aim is to produce structural and civil solutions that combine safety and environmental responsibility with economy. To that end, we bring our scientific understanding of physical forces together with many decades of combined professional experience and extensive practical knowledge of building systems. The result is a consistently pleased and growing client base, and an increasing reputation as a “go to” engineering company.

We are well qualified to undertake a wide variety of project types and sizes. Our team is dynamic and scalable; able to deliver even the largest of complex projects. We start with a one-on-one relationship between our principal and the client. Then, as the project develops, we move core staff members onto the project team and can quickly apply additional resources as needed.

Our collective background includes advanced educational degrees, specialized training and “nuts-and-bolts” experience. Our tools include traditional instruments for measurement and calculation, AutoCAD® software for documentation, Autodesk® Revit® (state-of-the-art 3D Building Information Modeling, BIM), Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks®, and RISA-3D and RISA-Floor (structural engineering analysis software)



Gagan Bains

Dr. Gagan Bains: President / Principal Engineer / PhD, PE, SE – has over 34 years’ experience on multi-million-dollar projects in structural / civil engineering and construction management.  He has worked on projects in both the public and private sectors.  His areas of expertise include analysis and design of buildings, tanks and reservoirs, channel lining, energy dissipater-impact basins, booster pump stations, etc.  His building experience includes design of High-rise and Mid-rise buildings, Schools and Colleges, Central Plants, Manufacturing facilities, Industrial facilities, Hotels, Restaurants, Office buildings, Automotive Dealerships, Churches and Temples, Strip Malls, Truck Stops and Gas Stations, and many more.  He has also performed studies and earthquake safety evaluations for structures and based on the results of each study, proposed seismic retrofit and rehabilitation techniques for existing structures.

Kishor Naik

Kishor Naik: CEO / PE, SE – has been actively involved in structural design since 1972 and has accumulated over 50 years of experience as a Structural Engineer on major institutional, commercial, industrial, and high-density residential projects.  He has been responsible for the management, structural design, detailing and coordination of a wide variety of multi-million-dollar engineering projects, has worked closely with the entire team on projects during the execution of construction to meet procedures, policies, and schedules.  This experience includes Hospitals, Psych & Skilled Nursing Centers, High-rise Office Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial buildings such as Supermarkets, Warehouses, Churches and Temples, Schools, Condominiums, Mixed-Use Retail-Residential, Parking Structures, Seismic design, study, retrofit and inspection of earthquake damaged buildings in California.   Mr. Naik has also successfully completed several government projects including Prison projects for The California Department of Corrections, and the retrofit for the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall Parking Structure.   For private developers, he has completed upscale multi-story residential housing projects.

Brian Douglas: Supervising Structural Engineer / PE – is a Structural & Civil Engineer with more than 27 years’ experience.  He is a structural design and analysis expert on a wide range of building types including concrete, masonry, steel, wood-framed, and timber frame.  His projects have included single and multi- storied commercial, industrial, and residential structures, both new build as well as remodel and retrofit of existing structures and infrastructure evaluation.  Mr. Douglas has specialized experience in seismic analysis calculations and seismic-resistant designing, constructability reviews and construction management, and has served as a member of the New Zealand post-earthquake rebuild team from 2012 to 2016.